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It would be quicker if I send you a copy of the email for this to post "Dear Tag Mobile: Look at my last contact only a few days ago. That would be from chat.

Now look at what I'm still getting when I literally turn on my phone. "Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active." Since this happens on a Sunday, not only do I have to go through this *** again, I literally have no way of contacting you to resolve your own problem until Monday. Perhaps your company Representatives do not understand the meaning of the words "Unlimited Global texts?" They also don't understand the meaning of the words employee ID, supervisor, and contact callback date and time. So to paraphrase several of your employees who communicate with me who let me know how I have "exceeded" my unlimited texts, As a courtesy this one time I will make sure this email as well as requesting all calls and chat transcripts the representatives refused to give me will be sent to the Public Utilities Commission of California.

I will also make sure the federal government division that regulates Lifeline will be contacted as well due to your multiple failures as a company not only the over seven times that I've had to ask my account texts not be governored, but all the way back to when my account was approved and then deactivated due to nothing whatsoever on my end but admitted by your own Representatives that they forgot to continue the process and was threatened that I'd have to start over from the very beginning with a brand new telephone number for something I was not responsible for. There is no need to thank me; your company's actions Award this all by yourselves. However in the interim what you can do is you can restore my unlimited texting and you could not only make sure my account is flagged so it will always receive unlimited texting, you could also be ready to explain that to the Public Utilities Commission why multiple times my account was blocked from texts when you are violating a California LifeLine provision allowing you to continue servicing accounts in California? I am tired of false empathy how people are sorry and would be upset if they went through that.

I would be glad to deactivate their accounts and stop their texting every day until they can truly give me empathy. I am also upset over how people actually want me to calm down as anyone who's received any training would know you never tell an irate customer to calm down; but you don't train your employees, you simply outsourced the project to someone else who doesn't do so, which I'll be glad to bring up to the other commission that allows call center work which is called ISO certification. Obviously they're not meeting simple Call Center rules like asking if they could put me on hold thank me for holding or even having a period of minutes when they refresh the call or chat. So I have a valid point.

If you listen to any of the recorded calls or read chat transcripts with me which I know you have all calls/chats recorded, you will see I make very explicitly clear that not only am I retired level 3 it technician, but was a person who wrote for process for the entire call center of my project. This project was outsourced for another company so I fully understand Outsourcing Principle as well. Since this has been brought up multiple times,and you have failed to make sure people have been properly trained not only as an individual but as a team, I'm sure your certification can be under review based on ISO criteria as I would know as an auditor. Finally, Any attempt to limit cancel transfer or any other action interfering with the terms of my account contract as a disabled individual will be noted and sent to the Attorney General of my state.

Since I have to deal with such *** after someone took my things after an armed robbery, note that I am in quite the mindset to make sure I follow through on this, let alone I take an oath to never lie. Feel free if you are going to respond not to use any canned response whatsoever because I will know that you lack the ability to adapt to any form of response and can be added to the investigation. I don't even have time in this email to go through how your blocking of texts is stopping by one of several authentication attempts needed for programs to make sure I am not hacked and you are literally blocking my programs and blocking my productivity, security, and regular daily life done on a cellular and social media basis. Please make sure you take the time to read this.

take this to your supervisor and take this to their supervisor and take this to the project manager of this whole Tag Mobile account and very carefully consider your response. Because when the person or people who are responsible for continuing this or shall I say negligent in the responsibility, they most likely are going to lose their job or I will ask that they do so if they are not by your company's standards. And rest assured, I will ask that the most number of people who are responsible for this be removed from Tag mobile because this is not just affecting me, but everyone else who's ever had a problem regarding these kinds and that is ongoing and people are simply following their bureaucracy instead of proper certified ISO attempts when contacting a call center. I would offer you to have a nice day, but you will not after this email.

Since you use a form to send something to your email team, rest assured I will also send a copy from my own email account to make sure there is a record of this email once again for any people of a third party to receive for their ongoing investigation.

They also can ask when I request that something be sent to your Corporate Offices your office of the President or whatever you would call that level that why you never did so and why I never get a reply? Right as usual, [Name withheld] Multiple award-winning agent from multiple call centers in agencies, now current compliance auditor for companies and clients.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tag Mobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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