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I applied for one of these free phones that the government pays for, this one was from TAG Mobile. First of all it took two months to receive it in the mail, then it didn't work.

You couldn't hear anything when it made a call, no ringing sound or a person speaking. When I was finally able to contact their 800 number, on a phone with unlimited minutes because I knew it would take a long time, and it did. It took 20 -30 minutes to get this taken care of. I got a guy I assume is from India that kept saying to me "Do not worry" in poor english.

He took my complaint and I quickly received (to my surprise) another phone in the mail. This phone does not work either! This box contained 2 batteries that are not the same. The 1st one I put it wouldn't power on the phone at all, even after charging.

Then it wouldn't come out cause it was not meant for that phone. Then the 2nd battery fit better, it still did not wanna come out easy, but it will not charge at all along with the charger not being authorized for this phone.

Why did this place not test these phones and batteries before they paid to mail em to me?

And the charger that came with the second phone was completely dirty. How do you get a cell phone charger dirty?

Product or Service Mentioned: Tag Mobile Phone Service.

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I agree. This company ducks.

As soon as i got my phone i had to use duck tape to hold it together.

I have called a dozen times to cancel my service and they won't let me. I want to use my lifeline for internet and not phone


Is this trick question?

TAG Mobile

Jen, I'm sorry this has happened to you, this is not the level of service we strive for. We would like the opportunity to correct this problem and get you a cell phone that will work for you.

Please contact us at 501-303-9155 and one of my managers will take care of you. This is a direct line, you will not have to go through customer service

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