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others stating this company has (to be kind) misworded their service offerings are, very true. although I actually fell for it two or three times, purchasing additional expensive data for what was initially claimed as being unlimited.

after looking over my past monthly usage I noticed a pattern, 2gb seemed to be the absolute limit (even less now), didn't matter how soon or how late into the billing cycle the 2gb was reached, data access beyond that point was no longer possible. furthermore, the terms and conditions accompanying the service brazenly justify disrupting service with only broad criteria as to what is considered excessive or disruptive to the network. pretty much meaning they make the choice and account holders must accept it. without so much as a simple text message to alert a user who may be approaching this "soft limit." I was told by one cust.

svc. rep that it was the system automatically flagging accounts after 1gb of data usage, but reading further into t&c's suggests excessive use is calculated from average usage based on other subscribers in our coverage area. that is absolutely tiptoeing around the fact that the company realistically cannot actually guarantee unlimited data, because logistically the subsidy they receive likely isn't enough to allow for truly limitless data, under a government furnished program. truth is, tag mobile is operating on a major network using leased bandwidth and have their own rules to which they are bound, but seemingly in an effort to attract more subscribers, use the unlimited label and create a conditional use loophole to escape liability for so-called false advertisement.

if it were a paid account, indeed I would argue for such. there will likely be no arbitrary relief for tag lifeline customers, there isn't even a paid unlimited data plan with tag.

now I wonder why... (an analysis of my experience.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Tag Mobile Internet Service.

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"If it were a paid account..." It most certainly is a paid account, though not paid for by the end consumer. It is paid for by the taxes levied on citizens of the United States of America and paid to this company in the form of government subsidies.

"Unlimited data" which is not, in fact, unlimited is not so-called anything: It is exactly no more or less than false advertizing. Just because the end-user of the service is of very low income (in order to be granted a no-cost phone service) does not mean that said user is worthless.

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