Tag Mobile - Unlimited data,,yea right

October 28th my Jetta was cut off by Tag mobile promise me unlimited minutes when I called and asked why they told me that I was using my data for "entertainment ".. and thatt was against there policy.,
Their website still reflects "unlimited data" and has not been updated. "Alister" from the live chat on their website says that it will be updated ASAP. Apparently, this decision was made after examining average data use from customers all over the nation. As of...
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I liked
  • Unlimited data--even if it was at 2g speed
  • Concept
  • What your website said you would offer
I didn't like
  • Unlimited data is not truly unlimited--it is capped at 1gb
  • Tag leaves you stranded in dead zones without a signal
  • Will shut off your data without warning
others stating this company has (to be kind) misworded their service offerings are, very true. although I actually fell for it two or three times, purchasing additional expensive data for what was initially claimed as being unlimited. after looking over my past monthly...
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Marlon Smith

"If it were a paid account..." It most certainly is a paid account, though not paid for by the end consumer. It is paid for by the taxes levied on citizens of the United Sta...

after a few months of use , i constantly had to get in contact with tag mobile to turn my internet back on. the first four time they did it without any problem, then on my fifth time, they said iv'e used up all my "unlimited" data plan.. mind you this is 2g speed...
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i was in the hospital 3 weeks phone no service and now i had to reapply and cant have same no no phone for 3 weeks not good service reps called asked to speak to superviser and no call back un proffesinal what if theres a emergency or something happens fires doctors...
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I didn't like
  • Cust service
  • Whole experience with this company
It would be quicker if I send you a copy of the email for this to post "Dear Tag Mobile: Look at my last contact only a few days ago. That would be from chat. Now look at what I'm still getting when I literally turn on my phone. "Free Msg: Unable to send message -...
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Tag Mobile - Fraud data claim

They say you have unlimited data but its a big fraud lie. They cut your data off and claim overuse but they cant even tell me how much i used. Then they try to sell me data. If i have unlimited why would i buy it. Its because its not unlimited. They limit the data straight up. They need to be taught what unlimited means
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Worst customer service ive ever encountered . Two months several calls no help We will ship out immediately There was a delay til tuesday We are sorry it was not in stock What is your number sir isnt it on your screen No sir Isnt that what ive been calling about No...
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Was a great company with great usability until my sim had no data service or pic texts even with wifibut worst customer service ever

For the past three I suddenly have had very little to no signal. What signal I have lasts for two to three minutes tops and then it's gone for hours. I have tried two times for the online chat support to help, first time I did I was told the line would be "reset" and...
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On tag websit,indicated,unlimitated data usage,first 500 gb is high speed,then low speed down,unlimite for each month.tag company cut my service,when i call they say i over ever my data usage tells exactly how much i did this false not...
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i barely use my free Truconnect phone. the phone provided is a low budget piece of junk. i'm switching to tag mobile for the data but i will probably be disappointed with the ...


Data usage is not unlimated as indicated on tag website .needs to change ,and be straight forward to customer.