Tag Mobile - They are okay....

I signed up for tag mobile on the 5th of febuary after a day or two they called me saying my phone was coming on Tuesday but then I looked in the mailbox and got nothing.... then I called them back they said it took 7-10 days to ship but the first representative said on Tuesday..... makes no *** sense. I got pissed looking for my package until Friday where it finally came. sometimes tag mobile is a bit too risky and a fraud but I got patient enough for it to come. they gave me the "Hola100" phone which is a funky phone brand name lol.

Tag Mobile - I Am Having A Very Hard Time

I'm having a lot of trouble trying to use my phone.

Tag Mobile - I needed the free phone and they sent me a SIM card I have n

I need a free cell phone instead they sent me a SIM card that I have nothing to put it into!?
I wasted a lot of time trying to get my government phone set up by these people. After a long time I received a letter from the government asking me how to activate my account/phone. Problem is TagMobile never sent me a phone/phone number so there was no way to...
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I wanted to port over to their pre-paid service. It took more than 2 weeks to received their SIM card. When it arrived, time and a hone number was attached to it. I called to ask why, after 2 weeks, the number I wanted to port was not attached. I was told that I had to...
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I have been trying to find out if they even got my application sent by email, which the agent said would work within twenty-four hours. I' m leery of associating myself with t...

I didn't like
  • Company not being able to portnumbers

Tag Mobile - Refuse to give me a free phone

Court today representative had me on hold XX times for about 45 minutes gets back on the phone and tells me that my Medicaid card is invalid know that's not true so I want a free phone and I don't understand why they lied to me
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TAG Mobile False Advertised Unlimited talk, text, and data - Frequent disconnects
I live in California. Over a year ago I found TAG Mobile's web site which advertised Unlimited talk, text, and data. I then signed a contract for their unlimited talk, text, and data service. In less than 2 months my phone connection went dead. I borrowed a phone to...
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Was approved for service. Signed up with byop plan. After three weeks of not receiving anything, I asked them where the SIM card was. They said we signed you up with sprint service and we are out of stock with the cell phones. I told them I already had a phone, signed...
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Waiting for over a week to have a phone number ported in, They have plenty of excuses; wait 24 hours; wait 24-48 hours; out internal team is working on it; the list goes on and on, but can't get my number ported. Its hard to get thru when you call and they have an...
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I have complaint to customer service TaGMobile. I enrollment on Free phone .(Government program) Send all information . Proof documents. And them they said is invalid. Don't r...

I didn't like
  • Customer service

Tag Mobile - Customer service my ***

Complete lack of customer service contacted several times about SIM card and each time been told it's on the way that was over a month ago in the meantime I haven't had cell service unacceptable tag a very pissed consumer