Tag Mobile - Customer service my ***

Complete lack of customer service contacted several times about SIM card and each time been told it's on the way that was over a month ago in the meantime I haven't had cell service unacceptable tag a very pissed consumer
I wanted to port over to their pre-paid service. It took more than 2 weeks to received their SIM card. When it arrived, time and a hone number was attached to it. I called to ask why, after 2 weeks, the number I wanted to port was not attached. I was told that I had to...
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I didn't like
  • Company not being able to portnumbers
happened around 2014, my son rite out of high school. It started out as a good idea. but naaaaaa. They had him carpool with some fella with a breathalyzer who really wasent into the job would go to Walmart instead of taking my son to work. I remember him mentioning...
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Was approved for service. Signed up with byop plan. After three weeks of not receiving anything, I asked them where the SIM card was. They said we signed you up with sprint service and we are out of stock with the cell phones. I told them I already had a phone, signed...
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Waiting for over a week to have a phone number ported in, They have plenty of excuses; wait 24 hours; wait 24-48 hours; out internal team is working on it; the list goes on and on, but can't get my number ported. Its hard to get thru when you call and they have an...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service

Tag Mobile - Have been waiting on a phone for3 months. Every time I call

Called to find out where my husbands phone is . Was told they are all out of stock was told be in a few days that was way back the begining of January 2018. Must be coming by pony express. Always given another story every week i call.
Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania

Tag Mobile - Bad phone service

I have had tag mobile for over two months and there service didn't work I had to get new phone and Sims cards from them that didn't work at all I am still without service
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USE ANYONE BUT THEM! I am NOT JOKING or being dramatic. I put my zip code in BEFORE I changed providers, and I only changed because my cell phone provider Budget Mobile was bought by some other terrible provider and in the middle of that qualifying period they dropped...
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I do have to agree tags free phone does suck but so has all the other free oboma cell phones i remember getting a oboma cell phone that never worked from the first day i got it and another phone that was so bright orange i didnt need a reflector at night you could see...
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I just received my phone my tag mobile. It is the cheapest piece of crap. Within one day i had to use such tape to hold it together. I am using their service through the lifeline program. I have called a dozen times requesting them to cancel my service. The refuse to...
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Maria hernandez

Horrible service I agree with all the bad reviews Is happening to me right now 3 weeks into the service My phone still don't work they hang up on me five times Anywhere we c...