Was approved for service. Signed up with byop plan. After three weeks of not receiving anything, I asked them where the SIM card was. They said we signed you up with sprint service and we are out of stock with the cell phones. I told them I already had a phone, signed...
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Waiting for over a week to have a phone number ported in, They have plenty of excuses; wait 24 hours; wait 24-48 hours; out internal team is working on it; the list goes on and on, but can't get my number ported. Its hard to get thru when you call and they have an...
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Tag Mobile - Have been waiting on a phone for3 months. Every time I call

Called to find out where my husbands phone is . Was told they are all out of stock was told be in a few days that was way back the begining of January 2018. Must be coming by pony express. Always given another story every week i call.
Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania

Tag Mobile - Bad phone service

I have had tag mobile for over two months and there service didn't work I had to get new phone and Sims cards from them that didn't work at all I am still without service
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USE ANYONE BUT THEM! I am NOT JOKING or being dramatic. I put my zip code in BEFORE I changed providers, and I only changed because my cell phone provider Budget Mobile was bought by some other terrible provider and in the middle of that qualifying period they dropped...
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I do have to agree tags free phone does suck but so has all the other free oboma cell phones i remember getting a oboma cell phone that never worked from the first day i got it and another phone that was so bright orange i didnt need a reflector at night you could see...
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I just received my phone my tag mobile. It is the cheapest piece of crap. Within one day i had to use such tape to hold it together. I am using their service through the lifeline program. I have called a dozen times requesting them to cancel my service. The refuse to...
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Maria hernandez

Horrible service I agree with all the bad reviews Is happening to me right now 3 weeks into the service My phone still don't work they hang up on me five times Anywhere we c...

TAG Mobile False Advertised Unlimited talk, text, and data - Frequent disconnects
I live in California. Over a year ago I found TAG Mobile's web site which advertised Unlimited talk, text, and data. I then signed a contract for their unlimited talk, text, and data service. In less than 2 months my phone connection went dead. I borrowed a phone to...
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I called on 10/31/17 at 9:01 am to see where my phone was, being that I was approved around the 1st of Oct. Its hard to get thru when you call and they have an option for a call back, which no one ever calls you back. The male representative hung up in my face not once...
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i chose tag because tgey were the only ones to offer unlimited data tect and talk. now that im in they have step by step nearly eliminated all my data without warming. my data just stops i have no idea when or why. after my usage amount was deemed excessive by a review...
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