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I signed up with Tag Mobile in Dec. of 2015...everything went fairly well with the application process and did receive my phone.

I would use my phone and would get text messages from them, you need to use your service. WHAT?? I would call them, oh yes we see you are using it. Then starting in Aug.

2016, they started sending text messages you need to re-certify your service if you plan on doing this text back either 1 or yes or 2 or no. I would always say yes. Then they sent another message saying someone will contact you shortly. NO ONE ever called.

Kept getting these messages about once a week. I started calling them...they take my info...oh I am sorry we aren't doing you area yet. Someone will call you when we start your area.....Kept getting the same *** until Oct 24...saying recertify your lifeline benefit TODAY or you will be de-enrolled on 12/24/2016 Call 800-882-8133 TODAY!.....got these messages every 2 or 3 days.I kept calling...no not doing your area yet, call back in a week....a week would go by, not doing your area call back in a week........Got a text Dec 22....Called them and said okay whats up....Oh we aren't doing your area yet...WHAT??? You tell me my service will be cut off if I don't recertify by the 24th....oh don't worry your service won't be cut off, someone will call you.

Dec 25th, Christmas day....I have NO SERVICE! I called them...the guy said oh well you didn't recertify....STOP, don't blame that *** on me...it was you guys....Anyhow, you need to fax in a new application. They did turn my phone back on...The next night the guy I spoke to asked if I sent the application by fax...YES I sent it last night....we haven't gotten it...I will wait and call you tomorrow and see if we get it...Calls the next night, no we didn't get the fax...so go ahead and put in a new application online...walked me through it...it was sent in on the 27th of Dec. It is still in "processing" as of today 1/16/17.

I went to use my phone this past Sat. I had no service. I called them...I told the guy about the problem...told him my application number....oh well you will still need to fill out a new applicatiion since YOU didn't recertify.......BULL ***!!.....and when you get approved you will not have the same phone number. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but imagine no supervisors are there.

He told me the supervisors will be in at 8 am on Monday. Today is Monday, I tried shortly after 8, but guess what?? No supervisors...I wanted to speak to the main headquarters, but seems none of their "customer support" people know how to get a hold of the main office.

The supervisor won't be here for another 3 hours...that's ***.....so called their recertification number, same bull but funny the supervisor won't be there for another hour....Anyhow, I have taken further steps with the people that are supposed to over see the lifeline companies and will take it further to the FCC and anyone else that I need to. People shouldn't get screwed around by this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tag Mobile Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Whole experience with this company.

  • Employees Rude
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Tucson, Arizona, United States #1275239

I understand my service has been off since 8th January 2017 and was told that the need to deactivate and I'm still waiting for them to do that. With NO phone.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1274074

Just an FYI, to recertify you need to contact the Lifeline program, not Tag or whatever phone company you have. They should of told you that. The phone company has nothing to do with your eligibility in the Lifeline program

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